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NOVOGLAN Complete Foreskin Care KIT

July 14, 2012

NOVOGLAN introduced the Complete Foreskin Care Kit in July. This has proven to be wildly popular with sales going ballistic. The kit contains the patented NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Kit with balloons, air-plunger and insertion rods and full instructions etc, but with the addition of the scientifically formulated foreskin cleansing soaps, foreskin stretching cream, and the sensitive skin personal lubricant.  The whole kit comes with an extra set of balloons free of charge.

The feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive and NOVOGLAN has decided to make this a permanent offering.

All NOVOGLAN customers get an automatic 10% discount of all future purchases of NOVOGLAN cream, soap and personal lubricant and extra balloons and air-plunger. Of course every few months we offer existing customers a 25% percent discount a special customer loyalty thank you.

NOVOGLAN has become the number 1, most trusted brand in the field of health foreskin management. Our team of medical scientist who are PHD qualified from Sydney University are working on continuous product development. We take all feedback very seriously as it is part of our mandatory quality process of continuous improvement.

The Complete Foreskin Care kit was asked for by over 100 customers and we have now introduced this innovation, and will now make it a permanet product offering. If you have any ideas please contact us at or vist our webiste or go in via

Our team are available to answer any questions. We also have the FAQ section if you want to check that out first. You’ll find lots of information at our the website and also you can use either skype GFS.PLATIGO, email, or contact us via phone as you need to.

NOVOGLAN products come with a 100% no questions asked (all feedback welcome) money back guarantee, however, less than 1 in 1000 customers have requested a refund and our market research and customer care commitment tell us that our product instructions and after order customer service provide for all the care you need.

Finally, did you that NOVOGLAN Kit is a registered medical device and is registered for use to treat a tight foreskin. We have global certification through GMDN organisation and export authority from Australia to all major markets globally.

If you have a tight foreskin and don’t want to spend over $3000 on surgery (unless absolutely necessary) and you want to have a healthy function foreskin, come and visit us at Remember, NOVOGLAN Is fast, safe, simple and effective and you use our products in the privacy of your own home. Our direct mail comes in a plane white mailer bag labelled skin care. We hope to see you soon.

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